Inspired by Fornax’s amazing Ladyvengers (Femvengers? Idkvengers? AWESOMEVENGERS?), here are some genderswaps of the Warriors Three. I just love them so muuhuhuuuuch

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Photographer: SurenProPhotography
Designer: Teodora Atanasov Teddy
Jewelry: Artash Jewels
Makeup/Body painter: Liz Gopwani
Hair: Hair Styles Amy
Model: Sami Goldsmith-Siever

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Crimson Peak AU

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Alan Lee - Minas Tirith


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Some things will never change…

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A wonderous fuck-ton of anatomy/drawing reference books.

If you’re looking for something book-wise, here are my top ten recommendations to you all. If you’re interested solely in anatomy (not necessarily for drawing), go for the two below the top row (not saying those can’t also be for drawing; they can, which is why they’re included). Be certain you look through some of the pages of these books before buying; don’t be an asshole like me and assume high ratings and a plethora of praise mean the book is great (that’s not where I got these from; I’ve seen the pages and approved). And identify what it is you’re looking to improve on and whether the book’ll help with that or not; know which style you interpret best (digital 3D, sketches, photographs, emphasized exaggerations, realistic illustration, medical charts, tangible 3D clay modles, etc.) Enjoy.

Plus, if you’re looking for biomechanics, you can check this one out:


And I’ll list the books in case the images aren’t showing up for you:
1. Drawing the Living Figure (by Joseph Sheppard)
2. the Artists Complete Guide to Figure Drawing (by Anthony Ryder)
3. Workbook to Accompany Body Structures and Functions (by Ann Senisi Scott)
4. the Body in Motion; it’s Evolution and Design (by Theodore Dimon Jr.)
5. Drawing Dynamic Hands (by Burne Hogarth)
6. Dynamic Anatomy; Revised and Expanded (by Burne Hogarth)
7. Human Anatomy for Artists; the Elements of Form (by Eliot Goldfinger)
8. the Influence of Bones and Muscles on Form (by Walter T. Foster)
9. Dynamic Wrinkles and Drapery (by Burne Hogarth)
10. Drawing Human Anatomy (by Giovanni Civardi)
11. Biomechanics of Human Motion; Basics and Beyond for the Health Professions (by Barney F. LeVeau)

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