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I love this quote. I love this movie.

This scene impressed me so much when I first saw it. It still fills me with… idk something. I love it.

Still one of my favorite lines from a movie ever. 

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When someone you love dies, & you’re not expecting it, you don’t lose them all at once; you lose them in pieces over a long time—the way the mail stops coming, & their scent fades from the pillows & even from the clothes in their closet & drawers. Gradually, you accumulate the parts of them that are gone. Just when the day comes—when there’s a particular missing part that overwhelms you with the feeling that they’re gone, forever—there comes another day, & another specifically missing part.
John Irving, A Prayer for Owen Meany (via l-oudrecluse)
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Foolish Lord Golden by Harukei05

A new sketche of Lord Golden , hope you like it  ;p

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Luscious Arabian!Matsuoka (¬‿¬) [x]

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